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Astronaut The Best


Universal Happymaker builds games that are moral laboratories. We intend to create a world where everyone enjoys our games WITHOUT EXCEPTION.



MIKE SENNOTT and DAVID MERSHON met in grad school, where they joined the popular USC Games Mafia. But when they discovered the formula for a game that could change the fabric of humanity itself, they were faced with a decision: turn over their prototype and risk untold devastation in the wrong hands, or go on the run and protect their secret by any means necessary? A few freefalls onto moving vehicles later, their choice had been made.

Since 2012, they have been living seemingly normal lives while meeting in secret to perfect the Universal Happymaker formula. To avoid suspicion, they took day jobs in healthgames and coding education.

Astronaut: The Best

Knowing that there was no one in the games industry they could trust, David and Mike enlisted a pair of civilians with special talents: JULIA Y, a professional gallery artist and sideshow performer; and MATT ZAPP, an electropop drummer and tinkerer with all things audio.

Together, they worked to find a way in which the Universal Happymaker formula could be used for the good of humanity - a project known as “Astronaut: The Best.” No one could know about their work (because it was top secret, and not because they’re terrible at Twitter).

But now, “Astronaut: The Best” has been revealed. On the eve of USC Games’ meeting with the Omi Alliance, that fragile peace is about to be shattered...



Team & Repeating Collaborator

Mike Sennott and David Mershon
Project Leads, Writing, Design, Programming

Julia Y
All of the Art

Matt Zapp
Music and Audio

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