Kyla Gorman, Juli Griffo, Greg Nishikawa, Mike Sennott, Samantha Vick, Aurora Wang, Dai Yun

(If the swf embedding isn’t working, here’s a direct link.)

Uniscorn is the story of an intrepid donkey who seeks to use clever disguises to infiltrate the fortress of the unicorns. He knows not what the unicorns are planning, only that it cannot be good. You must guide him, helping him sneak past a legion of unicorns in silly hats on his quest to discover the truth.

Uniscorn was produced by a group of UHM members for the 2010 Global Game Jam.   All of the design, writing, art, music, and programming was made entirely in 48 hours.  The theme of the GGJ was “deception,” and all games had to include either a monkey, a donkey, or a key, hence the asinine protagonist.

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