Hoop & Stick: Extinction

Alex Beachum, Teddy Diefenbach, Kyla Gorman, Kedar Reddy, Mike Sennott, Dai Yun

Hoop & Stick: Extinction is an update of the popular non-digital game of “hoop and stick,” also called “hoop rolling” or “hoop trundling.”  From ancient Greece to nineteenth-century America, hoop and stick was beloved by many cultures, and is arguably the most popular game in history.  Sadly, this once-thriving game is now virtually extinct. Universal Happy-Maker addressed the 2011 Global Game Jam’s theme of “extinction” by making a version of hoop and stick for the digital age.  Made in under 48 hours, Hoop & Stick: Extinction recasts hitting a hoop with a stick as the last hope for play in an oppressive cyber-neo-Victorian dystopia.  Bring down the system with your youthful antics, or just have a great time hitting a hoop with a stick.  But whatever you do, keep hoop alive! Instuctions: WASD – move Directional keys – use stick

(If the swf embedding isn’t working, here’s a direct link to the swf.)

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