Mike Sennott

Mike Sennott is a young game designer, writer, and rock musician. Originally from New Hampshire, Mike now finds himself allied with the forces of Universal Happiness. He's currently pouring his heart into a game called Quicksilver: Infinite Story, which you can find at http://www.quicksilvergame.com. Elsewhere on the Internet, you can peruse Mike's past writings at http://www.laikafawkes.com/fictions/

  1. adelbert_featured_image

    Adelbert Vester: Humoural Physician

    A game of antiquated science and courtly intrigue.

    David Mershon, Mike Sennott

  2. dhx_button_uhm

    Deer Hunter X: Operation Worldsaver

    The only thing to fear is deer itself.

    Mike Sennott

  3. Ensemble Logo


    Formalized, integrated backstories for game characters.

    Joe Osborn, Mike Sennott

  4. Hoop and Stick: Extinction

    Hoop & Stick: Extinction

    GGJ2011: Keep hoop alive!

    Alex Beachum, Teddy Diefenbach, Kyla Gorman, Kedar Reddy, Mike Sennott, Dai Yun

  5. JkJThumb

    Jumpkick Justice

    A bold reimagining of the American legal system into jumps, kicks, and jumpkicks

    Mike Sennott, Teddy Diefenbach

  6. qs_icon_uhm

    Quicksilver: Infinite Story

    A cartoon adventure that magically writes episodes as you play.

    Mike Sennott, Samantha Vick, Teddy Diefenbach, Kyla Gorman

  7. title screen v2

    Safari Rescue

    Do animals really need to be rescued?

    Mike Sennott, Kyla Gorman, Samantha Vick

  8. Spacewolves!


    Even space isn't safe... from wolves.

    Mike Sennott, Kyla Gorman, Samantha Vick

  9. Moonlighters_Slot_Icon

    The Moonlighters

    Steal the show in a 1950s heist game

    Teddy Diefenbach, Mike Sennott

  10. Uniscorn Icon


    GGJ2010: A game of hat-centric espionage and unicornspiracies.

    Kyla Gorman, Juli Griffo, Greg Nishikawa, Mike Sennott, Samantha Vick, Aurora Wang, Dai Yun

  11. ws_button_uhm

    Walk Straight

    A game about walking straight.

    Mike Sennott



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UHM will be present at next week’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, armed with demos of exciting new games!  If you’re interested in meeting up, just email me or Teddy here at UHM.


Deer Hunter X: Postmortem of a Game Nobody Played

In a whimsical mood as the endday light sweeps orange across my spartan studio, I feel inclined to reflect upon my past exercises in quixoticism. When I uploaded that game onto this esteemed site, I begat a debt of analysis, a promised post that would surely explain everything. Now, afflicted by this perverse sentimentality, I find myself at last in the proper state to fulfill my vow. No longer will I allow this strange artifact to float unmoored in the online panopticon without a guidepost, an almanac, an epitaph. It is time for a DHX postmortem.



Play Jumpkick Justice Now!

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Hey there, fans of Universal Happiness!  Allow me to present a new game from the Billion Bit Games imprint (i.e. Teddy and me).  Jumpkick Justice is a radical reimagining of the American legal system from two guys who grew up playing NES brawlers.  It’s a two-player competitive courtroom showdown suitable for solving any and all of your conflicts!  And also fun!

Play it now at Kongregate!

As a special Universal Happymaker bonus, here’s the secret code to unlock a favorite UHM character: At the color select screen, press RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT DOWN DOWN DOWN ENTER.  That’s RIGHTx5, DOWNx3, ENTER. Try it out!