1. adelbert_featured_image

    Adelbert Vester: Humoural Physician

    A game of antiquated science and courtly intrigue.

    David Mershon, Mike Sennott

  2. bdIcon

    Banker's Dozen

    Relativity, meet Finance.

    David Mershon

  3. barnyardpicture

    Barnyard Chatter

    You may think you know what noises animals make. But how sure are you?

  4. crystal


    Previsualization and blocking for the G-Speak gestural interface.

  5. cyclyc


    "Try your best for maximum best!"

  6. dearmoon

    Dear Moon

    One-button lunar guardianship of an imperiled tree.

  7. dhx_button_uhm

    Deer Hunter X: Operation Worldsaver

    The only thing to fear is deer itself.

    Mike Sennott

  8. dng


    One game! One pen! One controller! Two players! One screen!

  9. Ensemble Logo


    Formalized, integrated backstories for game characters.

    Joe Osborn, Mike Sennott

  10. Hoop and Stick: Extinction

    Hoop & Stick: Extinction

    GGJ2011: Keep hoop alive!

    Alex Beachum, Teddy Diefenbach, Kyla Gorman, Kedar Reddy, Mike Sennott, Dai Yun

  11. JkJThumb

    Jumpkick Justice

    A bold reimagining of the American legal system into jumps, kicks, and jumpkicks

    Mike Sennott, Teddy Diefenbach

  12. mix


    Multitouch audio mixing on the Microsoft Surface. Funded by an Annenberg Fellowship.

  13. monster_sm


    Why do you play?

    Jacob Boyle

  14. GerogeIcon

    Non Linear

    A game of redaction for the tiny editor inside of us all.

    David Mershon

  15. qs_icon_uhm

    Quicksilver: Infinite Story

    A cartoon adventure that magically writes episodes as you play.

    Mike Sennott, Samantha Vick, Teddy Diefenbach, Kyla Gorman

  16. Screencap

    Rain of the Gods

    The Gods question. What will your answer be?

    Kyla Gorman, Greg Nishikawa, Michael Annetta

  17. title screen v2

    Safari Rescue

    Do animals really need to be rescued?

    Mike Sennott, Kyla Gorman, Samantha Vick

  18. Spacewolves!


    Even space isn't safe... from wolves.

    Mike Sennott, Kyla Gorman, Samantha Vick

  19. squirrelFightLogo

    Squirrel Fight

    One keyboard. Two players. Squirrels.

    Jacob Boyle

  20. axolotl

    The Axolotl Project

    A sci-fi mystery adventure!

    Samantha Vick

  21. charlatanIcon

    The Charlatan

    a plot to end science, because science ended the world

    David Mershon

  22. Moonlighters_Slot_Icon

    The Moonlighters

    Steal the show in a 1950s heist game

    Teddy Diefenbach, Mike Sennott

  23. Uniscorn Icon


    GGJ2010: A game of hat-centric espionage and unicornspiracies.

    Kyla Gorman, Juli Griffo, Greg Nishikawa, Mike Sennott, Samantha Vick, Aurora Wang, Dai Yun

  24. stamp-transparent


    A Viking lifestyle simulator; an asynchronous social game on iOS.

    Joe Osborn

  25. ws_button_uhm

    Walk Straight

    A game about walking straight.

    Mike Sennott