The Moonlighters

Teddy Diefenbach, Mike Sennott

The Moonlighters is a heist action RPG featuring an original Narrative Listening technique that adapts the story to the way you play. In a fusion of glamorous 1950s Hollywood and 1990s JRPG high fantasy, you take control of a group of hipcat entertainers who resort to pulling heists when their fame and success fade under the shadow of Rock & Roll.

In each episode, assemble your team based on each character’s skills and agendas. Then plan the job, choosing who will play the Conman, the Greaseman, the Mechanic, and the Slip. Finally, pull off the heist by sneaking, dodging, talking, drinking, and gambling your way to success. Watch as the game listens to the actions you take in gameplay, and adapts the story based on your influence.



With contributions from: Mari Arakaki, Sara Engelhardt, Alexa Rockman, Kenny Wood, Katie Gately, Roxanne Goodcell, Bridget Underwood, Irene Koh

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Defending The Moonlighters

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Many Happymakers recently defended their graduate theses in the USC Interactive Media Division. I was among them. Click to hear a discussion of Narrative Listening, the new adaptive narrative system hiding inside The Moonlighters.