Safari Rescue

Mike Sennott, Kyla Gorman, Samantha Vick

Safari Rescue website (recommended)

We went and made Safari Rescue into a mobile game.  You can get it on iOS for free.



Press Spacebar to start and advance screens.  Use WASD or the Arrow Keys to Safari Rescue!

Place an animal near the Helipad to rescue it.  Try and get lots of points.  Higher levels mean new kinds of animal!


  1. Um. THe game’s not loading. I have my Unity web player installed! What gives?! I want to rescue animals!!

    Comment by Kurt — 2011/11/17 @ 20:49

  2. Ok, now that I posted that comment, it loaded. Balls.

    Comment by Kurt — 2011/11/17 @ 20:49

  3. It looks like the Unity player isn’t working with WordPress sometimes, so I’m switching the embedded game to a mirror link for now. Hopefully we’ll have it fixed soon, so it’ll be one less click to start rescuing animals.

    Comment by Mike Sennott — 2011/11/17 @ 20:59

  4. I’ve basically rewritten the WordPress/Unity integration plugin to use a modern UnityObject.js, so you should be able to rescue animals with fewer clicks than ever before!

    Comment by Joe Osborn — 2011/11/17 @ 22:20

  5. Come on, lion! King of the jungle! I just want to rescue you!

    Comment by Joe Osborn — 2011/11/17 @ 22:28

  6. Hey guys. I changed the WordPress entry so our names are displayed as links. Hope that’s okay.

    Comment by Kyla Gorman — 2011/11/22 @ 16:47

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