Quicksilver: Infinite Story

Mike Sennott, Samantha Vick, Teddy Diefenbach, Kyla Gorman

Quicksilver: Infinite Story is an action RPG inspired by animated adventure television shows.   Beyond just paying homage to the tropes and conventions that define the genre, Quicksilver fuses them into an unprecedented story generation engine to create unique new adventures every time you play.

Join the story of four heroes traveling the fantasy world of Lyria, saving the world from diabolical inventions and dangerous demons.  Like in most adventure cartoons, they’ll travel to new places and find new challenges each episode.  But only in Quicksilver is every episode written on the fly, giving you never-before-seen characters to meet, decisions to make, and levels to play.  There’s never any game overs or retrying – the story simply adapts to even the most unexpected successes and failures, dynamically crafting each episode’s plotlines around them.

Mike’s Thesis on Quicksilver

For more on Quicksilver, ask Mike here at UHM.

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