Jumpkick Justice

Mike Sennott, Teddy Diefenbach

Play Jumpkick Justice at Kongregate

Jumpkick Justice is a bold reimagining of the American legal system into jumps, kicks, and jumpkicks. This un-serious game pits two players against one another in intense battle through all the stages of a criminal trial: Jury Selection, Presentation of Evidence, Witness Examination, and Closing Arguments. With four different play modes, a Law School tutorial, and even hidden characters, it’s the most fun you will ever have convicting or acquitting a defendant!

Jumpkick Justice was created by Teddy Diefenbach and Mike Sennott, graduate students at the Interactive Media Division of the USC School of Cinematic Arts.  We asked ourselves, as seriously as one can ask oneself, “If, as a lawyer, your only method of interaction with the world were jumpkicking, how would you make a case in a criminal trial?”  While the resulting game may not teach anything useful about the justice system, it has uniquely varied gameplay that we couldn’t have found any other way.

Contact Teddy (teddy.diefenbach@gmail.com) or Mike (msennott@universalhappymaker.com)

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