Samantha Vick

  1. qs_icon_uhm

    Quicksilver: Infinite Story

    A cartoon adventure that magically writes episodes as you play.

    Mike Sennott, Samantha Vick, Teddy Diefenbach, Kyla Gorman

  2. title screen v2

    Safari Rescue

    Do animals really need to be rescued?

    Mike Sennott, Kyla Gorman, Samantha Vick

  3. Spacewolves!


    Even space isn't safe... from wolves.

    Mike Sennott, Kyla Gorman, Samantha Vick

  4. axolotl

    The Axolotl Project

    A sci-fi mystery adventure!

    Samantha Vick

  5. Uniscorn Icon


    GGJ2010: A game of hat-centric espionage and unicornspiracies.

    Kyla Gorman, Juli Griffo, Greg Nishikawa, Mike Sennott, Samantha Vick, Aurora Wang, Dai Yun