About Universal Happymaker

Universal Happymaker is a game design collective formed at USC's Interactive Media Division. UHM is our group portfolio, our community, and our professional identity.

We intend to create a world where everyone will enjoy our games without exception.

Sean Bouchard

Jacob Boyle

Yun Dai

Teddy Diefenbach

A designmaker, storymaker, and awesomemaker, Teddy focuses on narrative design, Wikipedia game alchemy, world building, and irreverent juxtaposition. He has designed games for himself, his peers, the industry (i.e. Disney & Microsoft), and a 4th grade science fair in which he took 2nd place. Contact: teddy.diefenbach@gmail.com

Kyla Gorman

David Mershon

David Mershon likes to make unorthodox video games on unremarkable hardware platforms. He portrays situations which are absurd, but not senseless. He prefers reproducible mass media to uniquely instantiated art objects. He believes in the new sincerity.

Joe Osborn

A designmaker and codemaker, Joe hopes to invent new ways for games to bring people together.

Erin Reynolds

Mike Sennott

Mike Sennott is a young game designer, writer, and rock musician. Originally from New Hampshire, Mike now finds himself allied with the forces of Universal Happiness. He's currently pouring his heart into a game called Quicksilver: Infinite Story, which you can find at http://www.quicksilvergame.com. Elsewhere on the Internet, you can peruse Mike's past writings at http://www.laikafawkes.com/fictions/

Andy Uehara

Samantha Vick